Which Hair loss Shampoo Is Good For You?

If you serious about dealing with your hair loss, then you need to attack the problem on all fronts. There are several things you can do to help your hair loss problem. First, having a healthy diet is important, and receiving the right treatment for your type of hair loss is important as well. Using the right shampoo as part of your treatment is also a good idea because you’re taking the best possible care of your existing hair by giving it the best environment possible for regrowth.

You must be skeptical about shampoos that are supposed to regrow hair. The truth is, a shampoo cannot regrow hair, nevertheless a good shampoo, or DHT inhibiting shampoo, can slow down or possibly stop more hair loss. Hair growth shampoos should be used in conjunction with other hair loss remedies or treatments to help preserve hair.

There are several hair loss shampoos available on the market. Here are a few examples:

Nano is one of the most famous hair loss shampoos on the market. The only problem is, the doctor behind this product is not able to back up his hair preservation claims with any photographic evidence from satisfied patients.

Nisim is a long-time established brand that is based on all-natural ingredients. Nisim is a blend of shampoo, conditioner and a gel that were designed to help with reducing DHT, improving hair regrowth and to stop hair loss. Nisim has testimonials from satisfied customers at their website.

Fabao 101D
Fabao was originally sold in China, but it is now available in North American and European markets, and the company makes some fairly radical claims about how much hair it can regrow. Despite having won several international awards the inventor of Fabao, Dr. Zhang-guang Zhao, has yet to reveal any proven scientific research or photographic evidence of the effects of this treatment.

This shampoo is designed to clear the scalp of sebum and attack DHT in the scalp as well. As the Revivogen website says, if the shampoo is used alone it will not be 100% effective. You will need the Revivogen Scalp Therapy kit to complete the treatment.

The principle behind this shampoo something called copper peptides to repair the skin – and not just the hair. Folligen endorses repairing the skin that is supposed to lead to healthier hair and hair regrowth. This product has been around for a long time, but photographic proof of successful treatments don’t seem to exist.

Progaine Shampoo
This shampoo is not designed to regrow hair, rather it works to help keep your existing hair in better condition and provide a good environment for hair loss treatments to restore hair. Progaine is a product that is supposed to increase the hair volume to make it appear fuller.

Nizoral is anti-fungal shampoo, but according to the company it also attacks DHT. The active ingredient in Nizoral is ketaconazole, which is supposed to have a “diluting” effect on DHT. Clinical studies have shown that Nizoral may actually slow down the early stages of hair loss, and it appears Nizoral may be the shampoo of choice for slowing down hair loss.

A shampoo on its own won’t be enough to grow back all your lost hair, but a good shampoo is a great way to begin your fight against hair loss.

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