Hair Loss Treatments Could Work For Almost Everyone

If you’re a guy losing your hair, you are probably doing all kinds of things to hide the fact and hopefully improve your appearance. There are toupees, comb-overs and even spray-on coloring products you can use on your scalp that imitates hair. These products may be cheap and effective hair loss treatments, but they look good only from a distance.

Wouldn’t it be better to pursue a modern hair loss treatment to try and regrow some or all of your lost hair? You may be familiar with the hair loss treatments of the past which were expensive and inconsistent at best. Things have changes over the past few years, and doctors who specialize in the art and science of hair regrowth have made tremendous strides in the field.

The Norwood Scale And Hair Replacement

The Norwood scale is used to define how much and how long hair has been lost — the more hair missing the higher the numbers go. Even if you’re a Norwood six or seven, which means you are missing most or all of your hair, it’s possible to regrow some of it and improve your appearance using modern medications such as minoxidil 15%, the strongest blend, rogaine and helping the process with a laser hair comb. rogaine and minoxidil, if you’re not aware, are the only products that are FDA-approved to regrow hair, and they both proven to be effective. There are hundreds, or even thousands, of hair loss treatments available on the market, but these two have been tested and proven to work.

Many people are getting good results using a laser comb in addition to hair regrowth drugs as part of their hair regrowth regimen. In years past, it was necessary to visit a clinic for this type of treatment, but that also has changed. Laser combs are available for home use, giving you similar benefits that you would get from a hair loss treatment clinic — saving you hundreds of dollars! The best part of it is, you can use your laser comb as often as you like for as long as you need it, and never pay again for a treatment.

Hair Transplants: An Excellent Option

For those who have hair loss that doesn’t respond to treatment, a hair transplant is another option available to you. Like the drugs for hair loss treatments, hair transplants have improved tremendously over the past few years, making them more natural looking. If you have enough hair on your head to move to the bald places, the hair regrowth surgeon can actually transplant units of one to three hairs at a time — avoiding the “doll head” look, which is a term describing an unnatural hairline. Those who lack sufficient hair on their heads may benefit from a new innovation in hair loss treatment: the ability to transplant hair to the scalp from other areas of the body.

In the past body hair transplanting was not possible, but now it is just another option available to those who are bald or balding. Hair transplants as you expect are expensive, but many people are willing to spend thousands on treatments that just don’t work. If you have the time and the money, hair transplantation is an excellent option that is better than ever before to improve your appearance.

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