Hair Replacement Systems

Hair replacements have been available for hundreds of years, yet in the past only wigs were available. During modern times, hair replacements began to be known as hair systems, and they offer men and women who’ve had no luck at all with hair loss treatments to compensate for their hair loss. Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes hair loss victims have suffered an injury, or they have a skin condition which leads to hair loss. Hairpieces and wigs and hair systems are the exact same thing, except for the names they use.

Hair replacement systems come with several advantages. Mainly, they offer an almost instant fix for hair loss problems. After getting measured, the system is ready within a few weeks, and you have a full head of hair back. The fact that the hair system is obviously not your own hair is a major disadvantage, and the system is prone to coming loose and leaving your pate exposed – but this is a rare occurrence.

Here are examples of several types of hair systems you can choose from:

Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are artificial or human hair bonded to your existing hair, done in stages to add thickness to your hair. The big problem with hair weaves is that adding it can weaken your natural hair and cause more hair loss in the long term.

Hair Pieces/Wig/Systems

As stated earlier, these are known as hair systems, and they are far nicer now than the fake looking hair pieces everybody remembers. Hair systems or hairpieces made from human or synthetic hair is bonded to a base that is light, medium or heavy grade – depending on the type of system you’re buying. The hair attached to the base is colored and styled to closely resemble your own hair

If you are buying a hair system, you are going to need two of them because they need to be cleaned and repaired on occasion. So when one of your systems is being cleaned, you’ll need another one to wear in its place.

Hair systems are attached to your hair and scalp in different ways. They can be glued, stitched or taped onto your scalp, and some older types use a clip which is attached to your existing hair. These method vary from one hair system to the next, so the method of attachment should be considered while you’re shopping for a hair system.

Good hair systems aren’t cheap, and you should expect to spend at least several hundred to a few thousand dollars for a high quality, realistic looking hair system. Don’t be cheap when you’re buying a hair system or else you will regret it later.

Hair Integration

Hair integration involves a very light base, often called a membrane that is almost invisible to the naked eye, being first attached to your scalp. Over time, hair is gradually added to the membrane so it appears that your hair is growing back naturally. These hair systems are pretty amazing when you actually see them because they really do look like real hair is growing back.

Again, you will need to purchase two of these hair integration systems regardless, so prepare yourself for an extra cash expense if you consider using this type of hair replacement.

Incredible examples of hair systems can be seen at the Farrell Hair systems site:

This expert at the seems seems to be doing cutting edge work with hair systems. Let me know what you think.

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