SIGMA SKIN Leave in Conditioning Treatment review

Hair care products are often biased towards women when it comes to those available in the market today. However, hair loss is known to be a problem that has affected men and women equally over a period of time leaving ugly bald patches on the scalp which has been a growing reason of confidence loss in both sexes. While the bald look is not as common amongst women as it is in men, rest assured, given the chance most men would love to get a chance of have soft flowing hair. Sigma Skin Leave in Conditioning Treatment is a product that has a proven track record of dealing with hair loss with considerable ease over time at the same time leaving you with well conditioned, flowing hair and undoing most damage done to the scalp.

What is it?

Sigma Skin Leave in Conditioning Treatment is a product that uses a three-step procedure to alleviate your hair loss or hair thinning problems, using natural ingredients to stimulate hair re-growth without any known side effects. The product is topical in nature and has minimal or no side effects as compared to other products that often manipulate human hormonal secretions (a disbalance in the hormonal system is known to be a prime cause for hair loss in men and women) to deal with the problem. It uses ingredients such as apple polyphenol, retinol, caffeine and adenosine. There is the minimal use of minoxidil, which is the main proponent of hair re-growth through topical means

How does it Work?

As mentioned above the basic ingredients of Sigma Skin Leave in Conditioning Treatment products are apple polyphenol, caffeine, retinol and adenosine which come together to energize the human scalp into activation which in turn facilitates a proper hair re-growth procedure in men and women without causing any injury to the scalp or any sort of known forms of allergy. The whole process of application involves three stages:

  • The application of Hair Re-Growth Stimulating shampoo
  • Application of the provided spray with minoxidil as main ingredient
  • Leave in Conditioning Treatment product application

The product except the shampoo are leave in products which means you cannot wash them off immediately after application and they need to be applied to the afflicted area on the scalp and left to their elements to work on activating your scalp. The application of the spray is to be carried out twice a day and directly to the scalp of the affected area.

Does it Work? How long does it take?

While the immediate effects of hair re-growth may vary from person to person, it is proven that the product does work on most people except those who have a genetic problem with regards to hair loss or more serious reasons behind the problem which cannot be treated topically.

A minimum of four months is the known time taken by Sigma Skin Leave in Conditioning Treatment for moderate to proper hair growth.

Are there any Side Effects?

They are minimal if not inexistent. The topical nature leaves very little scope for any sort of internal problem and no forms of allergy have been reported.

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