SIGMA SKIN Minoxidil Topical Spray review

Hair loss is a problem that has been affecting both men and women since time immemorial. There are several reasons for hair loss. Hair loss can be a matter of genetics as in caused due to family history of hair loss or it can be a hormonal problem, as in caused by misbalance of hormone secretion. Again, it may even be a side effect of a chemical treatment. Both ways men and women look to hair re-growth therapy to get their hair to be long and strong again. Most products for hair re-growth look to work on regulation of hormones to facilitate cessation of hair loss and follicle improvement on the human scalp. However, the more common products are the topical products such as SIGMA SKIN Minoxidil Topical Spray, a product that shall be reviewed here.

What is it?

SIGMA SKIN Minoxidil Topical Spray is a topical product that contains minoxidil as its major constituent in 5% or 2% concentration. The 2% concentration product is for use by women looking to stop hair loss and facilitate re-growth of hair. The 5% product is a stronger concentration that works better on the more rigid level of damage on the follicular structure on the scalp of men. It facilitates the same effect as the other product as in cessation of hair loss and improvement in re-growth levels. The product comes in a can of 2 Oz. or 60mL.

How does it Work?

Simple application of SIGMA SKIN Minoxidil Topical Spray on the afflicted areas of the scalp twice daily is the prescribed rate of application. The spray looks to revitalize the follicular spread on the human scalp, enervating it and thus improving chances of anagen growth by the follicles. The application if effective can stop rapid loss of hair and improve quality of re-grown hair as well.

How long does it take to Work?

Prescribed application to afflicted areas on the scalp normally ensures that hair re-growth within 4 months of proper treatment. However hair growth levels vary from person to person due to the level of damage to the scalp and follicles on different people being a matter that varies from person to person. The maximum time that the product takes to facilitate hair growth, however is 9-10 months beyond which you would do well to consult a physician about the hair loss problem which may be due to more complicated reasons than anticipated.

What are its side effects?

Normally the product being topical in nature, the product has minimal or no side effects. The product induces no pain or irritation or any known form of allergies on the skin on application. A minor tendency of itching may occur on area of application which should be avoided and will subside with time.

SIGMA SKIN minoxidil Topical Spray is a product that is good enough to meet your hair re-growth needs. It can be found over the counter and does not usually need a prescription meaning that you can avail this product at any time. This product is definitely worth a try if you need to stop hair loss problems from affecting you.

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