The X5 Hair Laser Review

If you are losing your hair, there are many ways to treat your hair loss problem. Everything from surgery to topical lotions that you rub into your scalp are treatments that are very popular. A new type of hair loss treatment is the use of hand-held laser devices to help stimulate new and existing hair growth. The Spencer Forrest X5 hair laser is a popular brand that uses this type of modern technology to treat a problem that has existed since the beginning of mankind.

The X5 is a different kind of laser that is safe to use on your scalp, and not the kind that can burn you. Hair-growing lasers are not only safe – they also give you over 50cm2 of hair loss treatment coverage. This is almost 3x above the amount their competitors offer.

The X5 hair laser is not a miracle cure, but it’s a treatment that you can combine with others for maximum hair growth results, and as an additional weapon in your fight against hair loss.

If you’re a Norwood 5,6 or 7, and you expect a hand held laser to regrow your hair all on its own, you will need to manage your expectations because it cannot replace so much lost hair. Ideally, you would be using the X5 in combination with a hair growth stimulator like minoxidil and some form of DHT blocker as well.

The X5 hair laser needs to be used about three times a week for 15 minutes per session for the best possible results. You need to remember another important thing about hair regrowth: hair grows very slowly, and all treatments require that you wait at least 90 days before you can see any visible results. Most people will use a hair loss treatment for a week or two and then give up, but this is a mistake. It’s very important to have patience.

The X5 works by projecting energy through the laser light that is absorbed into the scalp. The energy helps to reactivate dormant hair follicles, and this type of treatment can also stimulate healthier and faster hair growth in existing hair. There are no side-effects to worry about with the X5; it’s just low-level laser light therapy.

The X5 is a cordless device that has been designed for end user convenience, with human ergonomics in mind. It it fits neatly into your hand making it easy to store, use and pack into a suitcase if you’re taking it with you on vacation.

Aside from helping hair regrow, one of the best product benefits is the one-time cost. Once you pay for the X5, you can keep using it for as long as you need to – without paying for treatments. Laser hair devices of this type were only previously available at expensive hair growth clinics, but now you can have the same type of treatments at home.

The X5 is another useful weapon to add to your hair loss fighting arsenal. Its usefulness makes it an ideal candidate for the job.

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